Why The Thesis Framework?

First and foremost, Thesis has a proven track record. It’s been nurtured, loved and regularly updated by its creator (Chris Pearson and DIY Themes) over years to accommodate the changing needs of the web world. It is here to stay.

Thesis provides a blank canvas that allows me to create a custom site for you, and then teach you how to keep your new site current and fresh.

It gives us the freedom to create layouts that match the purpose of each of your pages.

Thesis has search engine optimization (SEO) organically built into the theme.  You input your skillfully chosen wording tailored to your ideal clients search habits into your content. Thesis helps get you noticed.

Thesis has mobile responsive design built into its framework.  That is important to you because it means that your website shows up in a user friendly way on your mobile devices. That has become a key factor in search engine logarithms determining which websites show up optimally in your  potential client’s search results.

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