Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with other WordPress themes besides Thesis?

Not at this time. I have found that the Thesis Theme gives me immense flexibility and reliable support. When coupled with my hosting choice, I have a rock-star team! To be fair, I have tried other frameworks. I have simply found Thesis to be the most user friendly for me, so I stick with it.

Do you create the content for the site?

No. I provide the framework the showcase your content.

Do you provide images?

I will provide up to two images. I can provide you with image resources.

Can I use my own images?

Absolutely!  I encourage you to use your own images.  I will provide you with dimensions that work best in the site.

Will I be on the first page of Google?

I cannot guarantee that. Honestly, I rely on the experts at DIY themes who have built searchability into the Thesis framework. One of the reasons that I love the Thesis theme! To you that means that if you choose your key words skillfully and train yourself to think like your customers when creating titles for your posts and pages ie- what would someone looking for the type of service or product you offer type into the search box – you are a step ahead of the game. Searchability also depends on how much content you are willing to consistently create. A consistent blog that is bringing people to your site is imperative. I set you up to do that. You take it from there!

In the past, I’ve been told it will be easy to add content and it has turned out not to be the case. What makes you different?

As part of your package, you will receive customized teaching specific to your site that will show you step by step how to add content, how to update images and how to keep it up. I will show you what areas of the site you should leave untouched, as well as the areas where you can change to your hearts content without impacting the framework for your content.

I will remain accessible to you for up to 30 days after the site goes live to assist you in navigating your new site.  If you want ongoing support, we can also talk about what that could look like for you.

Do you have more questions?  I’d love to answer them!  Tell me a little about you here and we will get it done.