Web Presence Basics

THE single thing that holds up on time website creation is content. And it is THE single most important part of the design process. Your content is the key part of your message and I build your website around your message, your content.  My job is to highlight your message via a visual presentation that >> keep reading

Fierce Care of Your Digital Space

I have not known how to navigate the madness that hits me every time I log into Facebook since 1/20/17 without shutting it out completely. Until now. For some shutting it off entirely is a viable option. For me, not so much. I help run two groups and I am a part of a group >> keep reading

Wildly Delighted by My Tiny Technology!

This piece of tiny technology that I hold in my hand? Oh my word! I continue to learn how to maneuver in this space! I am wildly delighted by every new discovery I make about it! Today, I’m laughing at myself just a little because it’s taken me until this week to fully understand how >> keep reading



If there’s a single experience that makes me seriously wonder how I could possibly think I could be a web designer / developer, it’s when my computer goes completely haywire and starts doing things that I don’t  understand at all, out of nowhere! This morning (Friday) was one of those times. As I started up >> keep reading

Worth Nurturing

Let it be fun!

Time for another offering to my tribe. I had thought that I would have this lovely spreadsheet with the next six months worth of post ideas  written down but that is so just not how I operate. Yet. That is changing. Slowly. We are coming up on one year of writing every week (minus the >> keep reading

How to Set up a Facebook Group

What you need to know Groups are a  powerful way to connect around a specific focus.  As I mentioned in the first of this series my sisters and I stay in touch in a deeply connecting way through the group that we created. It is a secret group meaning it is not seen by anyone >> keep reading

Keep Your Facebook Experience Intentional

I am fascinated by the level of specificity available to us on Facebook.  It has become a great way to learn how to manage my interactions with a wide variety of people and points of view. How to love it all and practice allowing what I don’t choose to have in my space to leave >> keep reading

It’s Here!!! (Almost)

I belong to two groups that totally feed and nourish my soul. One of them is the Web Designer Beauty School Support Group. It feeds that place in me that wants to create beauty in all that I do.  This powerful group of women is committed to creating and learning to create beautiful websites and >> keep reading

The Power of Awareness (and Your Facebook Experience)

I am so loving these sweet fall days that are warm enough to keep the door open so I can see outside. I cannot seem to move back into my office on these days.  It is  just too beautiful out here here with the door wide open and gentle breeze blowing!   So!  How do >> keep reading

Love it or Hate it, Facebook is What You Make It.

  Your Facebook experience  is all yours.   Do you find it too negative? Too risky? an invasion of your  privacy? Confusing? Fickle? It is. And if you experience it as a great way to stay in touch, a source of inspiration, an effective business tool, a phenomenal  way to connect with like minded people >> keep reading