The Path of Least Resistance

One More Time – How Can This Be Easy?

Four pairs of brightly colored flip flops on sand with words "How can this be easy?'

Continuing in the how can this be easy vein, I had a delightful experience of ease this week with  one of my clients.  She has genuinely been too busy to focus on completing her website and while the stop-start timing has felt disjointed for me and it is not something I care to repeat, (I >> keep reading

How Could I Create Ease Here?

woman dancing through the air

This weekend, I get to participate in a sacred Sufi movement workshop. I almost talked myself out of it. I told myself that I didn’t really want to go, didn’t really want to be around all of those people, that I am in an inward, introverted space right now . What if my body cannot >> keep reading

Fierce Love in New Forms

Ancient knarled tree on coastline

A letter to Noelle Marie Amendola  (originally intended for her eyes only) in response the this week’s Coffee Time.   Oh my word, Noelle! So much in this week’s Coffee Time resonated with me … Particularly the one little bud of the Love you have for Vince that (of course) survived the blaze of clearing >> keep reading

Live Your Life Already!

Wet Beach Sand - Life is Good.

This talk about enlightenment and ascension, giving the sense of hierarchy. It doesn’t resonate with me! Perhaps it’s the semantics of it that doesn’t resonate. That’s probably it. What does resonate with me is this. I live in a body. I am Source energy living in a physically expressed body Created by me for my >> keep reading

Reinventing “Old School”

Reinventing "Old School"

  Someone told me recently that I am old school. Me. Old school. Mind blown. It is not a term I’ve ever applied to myself. It was followed by  “That’s what’s cool about you …” What? It felt like a blow off … and in that moment, it probably was. My friend was not interested >> keep reading

Leaning In To those Intuitive Urges

Zen Garden

Late Thursday morning, I felt squashed in a vice of worry … worry bordering on panic that I might not be able to figure out the coding to make the website I am finishing up look amazing on tiny technology without having to make time consuming changes. Worry that if I didn’t stop worrying I’d >> keep reading

Give in to the Pleasure of Acceptance

You know how they say that you can never go back? They’re wrong! You can. You can bring all that old stuff up front and center again and again as often as you want. It feels just as if it were going on now. There is a purpose in it at first, and then question >> keep reading

Right or Wrong Doesn’t Matter

So here’s what I’m noticing. I wake up in the morning and it feels good to get out of bed. It is easy to hold myself in a feel good place.   This morning I woke up knowing that the only thing that’s important is to be Love Itself in the midst of absolutely everything >> keep reading

When Dance is More than Dance

Movement as Medicine

Last Saturday I danced with the evolving Corvallis Ecstatic Dance tribe.  It was smooth, it felt fluid, and it was  beautiful in it’s messiness. The venue was reminiscent of the space I danced in every Saturday in LA and I was in heaven. For the first hour my body led the dance. I felt connected >> keep reading

Dancing Between Love and Fear

Dancing Between Love and Fear

I am going to keep talking about this because it feels really good to do that. I did not recognize how deeply ensconced in fear I have been until deciding that feeling really really (really)  good is more important than anything else.  As I have done that, and allowed the feelings of stability, love, clarity >> keep reading