Deep Unfiltered Connection

Deep Unfiltered Connection

  I have not been this excited about a post for a long time! Two and a half years ago, I met a beautiful human traveling a similar path. I have yet to meet him in person. The religions we were shaking off were different and similar at the same time, both based in a >> keep reading

The Man of Firsts

This week I downloaded Pam Grout’s newest book,   Thank and Grow Rich, onto my Kindle. She’s not talking about amassing money by being thankful although that is, I’m told, a sweet side effect. She’s talking about cultivating the deepest of awareness that everything is here for us. Every experience, every person in our path, every >> keep reading

That Thin Line Between Fear and Excitement

Investigating the thin line between fear and excitement, Feeling the difference in the internal landscape that is me. Feeling the tilt in my system from excitement to the fear, What thought pushed excitement over into fear? Is there another way to experience it, another way to perceive it? Could I have stopped the careen into >> keep reading

The Power of Mastermind: A Small Example

The Power of Mastermind: A Small Example

This has been a week of pre-launch jitters and much communication with the tech support end of Web Design. I have had contact with three different support teams. In the middle of it all on Wednesday, I had a beautiful wake up call from my friend Isabel Martins of  Three or four of us >> keep reading

The Part of the (Orgasm) Story I Didn’t Want to Tell

The Story I Didn't Want to Tell

The part of the story of “my” orgasm that I didn’t want to tell starts with this paragraph ( a little over half way through the story I told.) “A little over midway through 2010, a couple months before I turned 55, I was diagnosed with 14  “MS-like” lesions in my brain, one on my >> keep reading

Celebrating 60

I love the smell of fall mornings, especially when it is raining or has just rained.  The air is perfumed with a sweet freshness. And these mornings are the last of the warm enough to have the door open as I work for the next few months. Last week I promised the last of the >> keep reading

Goodbye, Nursing: Release of a Love-Hate Relationship

I mailed in the app to retire my RN license on Monday. I considered  just letting it expire. Seriously considered it. Instead  I’ve  chosen to honor the relationship I’ve had with the  license and the nursing profession over the past 30  years. It has been  a love/hate relationship with nursing and that relationship has run its >> keep reading

Unplugged Appreciation

I arrived home a few hours ago from a magical time spent with my siblings and their families. On the heels of a few days filled with laughter and connection, I sit here, wondering what to share with you all. I had hoped to have a ton of photos to share with you … as >> keep reading

Peace, Deep Joy and Satisfaction

I did it!! I pushed play and shipped Love Deep Design to the world this week! I have never felt anything quite this satisfying! My website meets my criteria for how I want to feel when I am working in it, when I look at it. Instead of coming  back to it and cringing because >> keep reading

Summer Favorites and Staying Receptive

It is my favorite season of the year! This place of spring into summer, building up to the longest day, when I get to wake up really early and have it be light outside, when I get to open my door and let in all the outside light starting at the very beginning of my >> keep reading