Amazawa Sha: Journey to Find My Soul Family

This morning I woke up with a realization that my awareness had shifted yet again. For the last year, I focused on a formula for creating abundance that went like this: Money follows value; value follows passion; passion follows doing what I love. It worked. I created the money I wanted to live the life I wanted. However, this morning I realized that I no longer linked abundance with money. And, I no longer linked value with a product or service that I provide to the world. Instead, abundance means how much I love my life, and value means how important something is to ME.

So, my formula now goes like this: Abundance follows value; value follows passion; passion follows going directly for what makes me happy.

What I want most right now is to find my soul family. I believe that is what will make me the most happy. So, I am getting ready to travel the world to find them. It will be an interesting experiment on how my new abundance formula will work.
Yes, I feel like I am about to step off the cliff and see if the invisible bridge is there.

The following posts are a compilation of my Facebook account of this journey.

With much love,


Deep Unfiltered Connection

Deep Unfiltered Connection

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